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We share credible, evidence-based information pertaining to health promotion and chronic disease prevention to advance the conversation—and inspire action. If you have something you think would be worthy of inclusion, please let us know.


Related Commissions and Reports

The Vitality Institute Commission endorses and aligns itself with the work of the following groups, which drive the message that prevention is key to the health of America’s economy and its people.

• Bipartisan Policy Center, A Bipartisan Rx for Patient-Centered Care and System-Wide Cost Containment (2013), addressed unsustainable healthcare cost growth in the US and made recommendations to improve how healthcare is delivered and financed in the private and public sectors.

• Institute of Medicine, Improving Support for Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention (2014), analyzed IOM reports published between 2008 and 2013 that address prevention.

• The Lancet Commission on Investing in Health, Global Health 2035: A World Converging Within a Generation (2013), prompted by the 20th anniversary of the 1993 World Development Report, the Commission revisited the case for investment in health and developed a new investment framework to achieve better health outcomes by 2035.

• Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Commission to Build a Healthier America, Time to Act: Investing in the Health of Our Children and Communities (2014), examined factors outside of medical care that influence health and issued 10 recommendations for action at the local, state and federal levels to improve population health.