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Behavioral Economics, Innovative Technology, Nutrition, Physical Activity

Harnessing the Power of Women to Beat Diabetes

April 7 marks the World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Health Day. This year’s theme – Beat Diabetes – comes at... More »

Gabriela Seplovich and Adriana Selwyn | Apr 7, 2016

Innovative Technology, Workplace Health

The Gender Divide in Tech: A Leaky Pipeline

Women make up 56% of the US labor force and 51% of the US population. Meanwhile, only 20% of executives... More »

Gabriela Seplovich and Sarah Kunkle | Feb 23, 2016


Vitality Age Gaps Across America

Unhealthy behaviors are causing Americans to age faster. On average, Americans are 5 years older than they think, according to research... More »

The Vitality Group | APR 2013