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Aging and Cognition: Maintaining Economic Security in Later Life

The United States (US) and other high-income countries are witnessing demographic changes associated with people living longer though in poorer health. Japan, the country with the highest proportion of elderly citizens, is already working to re-tool its society and economy to support an aging population, leveraging the promise of technology to do so. Many other...

Derek Yach and Jason Karlawish | May 9, 2016
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Managing aging and cognitive decline: challenges and opportunities for financial services

It is becoming evident across borders and industries that world population changes are having a serious impact. With a predicted 2.1 billion people over 60 by 2050, significant advancements must be made in order to adapt to a world soon made up – for the first time – by greater numbers of persons over 60...

Dominic Lee and Derek Yach | Feb 29, 2016
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