Ilene Klein

Qualcomm Incorporated

Technological innovations for health are exploding. They are tracking our steps, measuring our sleeping hours, and enabling us to better understand the impact of our daily lifestyle choices. Market winners among health technologies will be those can demonstrate effectiveness in reducing chronic disease risk factors.


Dr. Ilene Klein serves as Qualcomm’s Director of Global Employee Health Services and is the Chair of the Qualcomm Life Advisory Council. In 2007, Ilene opened Qualcomm’s first on-site workforce health center as its medical director. Prior to coming to San Diego, Ilene was in private practice at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital where she became its first Chief of Primary Care. As Dukes County’s Associate Health Commissioner, she led the county’s first effort at assessing its local public health systems as part of the National Public Health Performance Standards Program. A former healthcare administrator, Ilene helped to create a city-wide network of pediatric primary care medical homes, including medical homes for children with asthma, New York City’s Bureau of Child Health. She is a board certified Family Physician and a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. She earned her medical degree from Harvard Medical School and holds degrees in Music Therapy from New York University.


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