Howard Bolnick

Discovery Ltd.

Healthcare costs in America continue to spiral upwards, yet the country remains a poor performer on health outcomes. Quantifying the relationships among modifiable risk factors, diseases, and injuries is fundamental to understanding the long-term economic and social consequences of our own lifestyle and social choices. Using this information to help bend the cost curve on healthcare spending is a necessary step to ensure a productive and economically viable America for future generations.



Throughout his business and professional career, Mr. Bolnick has been heavily involved in healthcare financing. He has written numerous articles and spoken regularly on health insurance, managed care, and health policy subjects. He has served in leadership positions in important professional, trade, and civic organizations. Mr. Bolnick is internationally recognized as an authority on healthcare financing and health insurance matters. Mr. Bolnick is a consultant to the health insurance industry. His current consulting activities focus on wellness programs (The Vitality Group) and health insurance risk selection problems. He is Chairman of Actuarial Committee of the Discovery Ltd (South Africa) Board. He is also a Member of the Board of the Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan. Mr. Bolnick has developed and teaches a highly regarded international healthcare financing and health insurance to actuaries and insurance executives in actuarially developing countries. These seminars have been taught in a number of CEE countries, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


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