Francois Millard

Vitality Institute

As an actuary, my work on Vitality and at The Vitality Institute creates a golden intersection where what is good for businesses also have immense value to society as a whole.


Francois Millard is Senior Vice President and Chief Actuarial Officer of The Vitality Group, a member of South Africa-based Discovery Holdings Limited, a leading international financial services institution founded on the principles of consumer engagement and wellness. In his current role, Francois is responsible for the incentive structure and actuarial modeling of the US Vitality program. He oversees the reporting methodology and structure for employer clients, as well as the US corporate finance and strategic evaluations. Mr. Millard leads the product research initiatives for The Vitality Group in the US and also works with Vitality’s global product development team, contributing to research and modeling on wellness and lifestyle risk assessment used to formulate personalized health goals. Mr. Millard has extensive international experience and knowledge on health and life insurance, including the impact of lifestyle interventions in these fields. Francois moved to US and The Vitality Group from South Africa where he helped established an embedded value framework to evaluate the health and life insurance businesses of Discovery Holdings. Francois is a champion of wellness and healthy living and seeks to encourage others through his active endeavors. He is an aspiring athlete and has competed in multiple competitive events across the globe. The joy of his life is his wife Suné and their twins Stefan and Cosette. In his role with the Vitality Institute, Francois contributes to select research studies and papers to ensure that actuarial science is best leveraged and translated into practical findings.


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