Deepak Patel

Vitality Institute

At the Vitality Institute, we strive to collaborate across sectors for evidence-based impact, improving health promotion and chronic disease prevention in innovative ways.



Deepak Patel is a principal clinical specialist and head of research at Vitality South Africa.

He obtained his undergraduate medical degree and his postgraduate pediatric qualifications from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg South Africa. In addition to his medical qualifications, he has an Honours Degree in Development Studies from the University of Witwatersrand and a Masters in Sports Medicine from the University of Cape Town.

Deepak completed his pediatric residency at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital where he subsequently worked as a pediatric consultant. He has held a research fellowship at the Mineral Metabolism Research unit of the MRC.

Deepak is tasked, together with others in the R&D team, with ensuring the scientific integrity of the Vitality program. He leads and coordinates various research projects and collaborations at Vitality. He has a particular interest in the application of behavioral economics in health promotion and prevention. Deepak works closely with Craig Nossel and the Vitality Institute to strengthen the R&D projects taken on around behavioral interventions, effectiveness, and impact for improved population health.


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