Cother Hajat

Vitality Institute

The Vitality Institute seeks to prioritise prevention in healthcare decision making and to make health measurable. My role is to strengthen the evidence-base for this and to help turn Vitality data into action.


Cother Hajat is a Public Health Physician and Clinical Epidemiologist with over 20 years of experience in public health, clinical medicine, epidemiology and applied research in the UK and UAE. She holds a MPH, and PhD from King’s College, London. Her role at the Vitality Institute focuses on providing clinical, epidemiological, and analytic insights and research towards global risks, diseases and costs of chronic disease, and the population impact evidence-based workplace health programs can have.

Since 2008, Dr Hajat has advised the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government on Public Health, Chronic Disease, Wellness, Health Informatics and Research in addition to serving as Chair of Prevention for the Emirates Cardiac Society, Advisor to the World Health Organisation on Non-Communicable Disease, Associate Professor (Adjunct) at the UAE University Institute of Public Health, Member of the International Scientific Committee for New York University in Abu Dhabi, and Advisor on Public Health and Wellness for the UAE Child Health and Safety Initiative. During this time she established the Weqaya Cardiovascular Disease Initiative in Abu Dhabi, a Breast Cancer Programme and a Framework for Clinical Quality amongst other chronic disease initiatives.

Prior to this, Cother was a Medical Research Council Fellow in Health Systems and Health of the Population Research and NHS Public Health Consultant in the UK where she investigated cardiovascular risk, was cardiovascular lead for NHS public health and primary care trusts and previously managed the Kings College London Stroke Registry.

Cother’s work is Internationally published in peer-reviewed journal articles, books and newspaper editorials and she is a regular keynote and invited speaker at International Conferences and Meetings.


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