Christine Brophy

Vitality Institute

I come to work each day with a goal to transform the evidence that directs what people should do into something they want to do. There is real power in helping people find their personal motivation for preventing the onset of disease so they can live their healthiest life.


Christine Brophy joined Discovery in 1999 and has been in health insurance and health promotion industry for 25 years. She has an extensive background in product architecture, IT, operations and complex global project and partner integration and management.

In her current position, Christine focuses on the strategic evolution and international application of the Health Risk Assessment (HRA), Vitality Age and the Vitality Personal Pathways. By practically applying behavioral economics and motivational interviewing techniques, she collaboratively works to deliver a unique member journey that facilitates engagement in healthy behaviors, both online and in the mobile space. In her role with the Vitality Institute, Christine acts as a connector to translate R&D into applicable change for the Vitality platform.


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