Adriana Selwyn

Vitality Institute

The Vitality Institute is uniquely placed to create collaborations for meaningful change, re-design the landscape of preventive health and lead the way to a healthier future for all.


Adriana Selwyn’s work at the Vitality Institute centers on promoting healthy lifestyles by addressing major non-communicable disease risk factors, such as unhealthy diets and excess alcohol use. Adriana focuses on creating environments, through engaging the workforce and public and private sectors, which facilitate healthy choices for better health, disease prevention and environmental sustainability.

Before relocating to New York, Adriana worked in public health research with the Food Policy team at The George Institute for Global Health. Here she was involved with the “Drop the Salt” project, a community project aimed at reducing population salt intake through knowledge and behavior change interventions. Prior to that, Adriana worked as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian at Concord Repatriation General Hospital in Sydney, helping patients in a range of clinical areas meet nutritional requirements to manage their medical conditions.

Adriana obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (Hons I) from the University of Sydney.