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Fitness Devices Impacting Employee Health According to Vitality Study

People of all ages, weight and gender are embracing wearable fitness devices offering real-time data to track their physical activity according to a three-year analysis from The Vitality Group, part of the world’s first and largest incentive-based wellness program. To better understand how the latest trends in digital health are impacting employees, The Vitality Group... More »

The Vitality Group | April 23, 2014

The Relationship Between Leadership Support, Workplace Health Promotion and Employee Wellbeing in South Africa

Leadership support has been identified as an essential component of successful workplace health promotion (WHP) programs. However, there is little research in this area and even less theoretical conceptualization on ways in which leadership support for WHP is related to improved employee wellbeing. In this paper, we developed and tested a model of leadership support... More »

Health Promotion International | October 18, 2013

The Association Between Medical Costs and Participation in the Vitality Health Promotion Program Among 948,974 Members of a South African Health Insurance Company

Purpose. Examine the association between the levels of participation in an incentive-based health promotion program (Vitality) and inpatient medical claims among members of a major health insurer. Design. A 1-year, cross-sectional, correlational analyses of engagement with a health promotion program and hospital claims experience (admissions costs, days in hospital, and admission rate) of members of... More »

American Journal of Health Promotion | February 19, 2009

Participation in Fitness-Related Activities of an Incentive-Based Health Promotion Program and Hospital Costs: A Retrospective Longitudinal Study

Purpose. A retrospective, longitudinal study examined changes in participation in fitness-related activities and hospital claims over 5 years amongst members of an incentivized health promotion program offered by a private health insurer. Design. A 3-year retrospective observational analysis measuring gym visits and participation in documented fitness-related activities, probability of hospital admission, and associated costs of admission.... More »

American Journal of Health Promotion | June 3, 2010


The Effects of Obesity, Smoking, and Excessive Alcohol Intake on Healthcare Expenditure in a Comprehensive Medical Scheme

Background. Health risks such as tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption and unhealthy body weight contribute to the development of chronic health problems. Objective. To estimate the associations of tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption and obesity with healthcare expenditure and chronic diseases among South Africans on a comprehensive medical scheme. Methods. We performed a cross-sectional analysis... More »

The South African Medical Journal | September 30, 2013


Healthy Food Pre-Commitment

We tested a voluntary self-control commitment device to help grocery shoppers make healthier food purchases. Participants, who were already enrolled in a large-scale incentive program that discounts the price of eligible groceries by 25%, were offered the chance to put their discount on the line. Agreeing households pledged that they would increase their purchases of... More »

Psychological Science | February 7, 2014