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Managing aging and cognitive decline: challenges and opportunities for financial services

It is becoming evident across borders and industries that world population changes are having a serious impact. With a predicted 2.1 billion people over 60 by 2050, significant advancements must be made in order to adapt to a world soon made up – for the first time – by greater numbers of persons over 60... More »

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The Gender Divide in Tech: A Leaky Pipeline

Women make up 56% of the US labor force and 51% of the US population. Meanwhile, only 20% of executives in the technology industry are women. The fact that women are often left out of high-level decision-making positions is not new. However, here are three pressing reasons why the technology industry should address this gender... More »

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Women, Health, and the Workplace

In January 2016, Mercer released an analysis of women in the international workforce entitled, “When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive.” It determined that only 60-70% of the eligible female population participate in the workforce globally; these women consist of less than 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs, less than 25% of senior management roles, and less than... More »

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Making Healthy Diets Affordable

Nineteenth century writer Virginia Woolf famously noted, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” An unhealthy diet– is associated with four of the top ten risk factors that lead to premature death and is one of the main drivers of rising healthcare costs. Public health specialists have spent... More »

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Today is Data Privacy Day!

On January 26, the health insurer Centene disclosed the misplacement of six hard drives containing personal information on 950,000 people. On January 27, Buzzfeed reported that fraudsters were trading data on Fitbit users for a mere 50 cents. On January 28 – today – the world celebrates Data Privacy Day! Led by the non-profit National... More »

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Longevity in the Workplace: 60 is the new 40

By Dominic Lee, Derek Yach, and Meghan Fitzgerald The ageing of the world’s population has significant implications for the workplace. For the first time in history, there will soon be more people over age 60 than under age 15 in the world. This means that existing attitudes surrounding our global workforce and efforts to attract and... More »

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A Thought for Food Podcast Series

A Thought for Food, Series 1 and 2, are entertaining podcasts produced by The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science and Science & the City. The goal of A Thought for Food is for listeners to learn about food nutrients. Host David Hoffman welcomes guests from more than 15 universities and academic institutions, private sector food companies,... More »

Sackler Institute For Nutrition Science |

Workplace Wellness Programs: How Regulatory Flexibility Might Undermine Success

By Jennifer L. Pomeranz Abstract: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act revised the law related to workplace wellness programs, which have become part of the nation’s broader health strategy. Health-contingent programs are required to be reasonably designed. However, the regulatory requirements are lax and might undermine program efficacy in terms of both health gains... More »

American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) | September 11, 2014

Ready for regulation – An interview with Derek Yach

Derek shares his thoughts on pros and cons of e-cigarettes. Click here for full interview. | October 31, 2013


VITAL SIGNS: Forging new paths to the power of prevention in health

SOUTH African global public health specialist Dr Derek Yach is now director of The Vitality Institute in New York, and senior vice-president of The Vitality Group, Discovery’s US arm. He tells Marika Sboros about his love of extreme swimming, and the new paths he is taking to break down barriers to the power of prevention... More »

Business Day | December 17, 2013