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Getting on the Treadmill

THE thorniest problem facing the health-care profession is how to strike the right balance between promoting health and curing illness. As is routinely pointed out, prevention is better than cure—and cheaper too. But the forces ranged against this benign cliché are formidable. The sick require immediate treatment. The medical profession values surgeons more than dieticians.... More »

The Economist | October 8, 2011

Incentivize Your Way to Good Health in 2011

There is an increasing number of companies participating in workplace wellness programs that provide incentives for the employees to adapt healthy habits. The Vitality Group has programs that offer rewards to its customers if they participate in healthy activities and reach their goals.

The NY Times | December 31, 2010


Nudge, nudge

The app "weight watcher" would be a new tool to encourage sensible behavior as it can help people track their healthy routine and create healthy environment.  

The Economist | December 15, 2012


Battle Obesity by Lowering Prices of Healthy Food

Since the early 1980s, federal dietary guidelines have urged Americans to eat more nutrient-rich foods and cut back on fatty foods and highly processed “empty calorie” snacks such as cookies and chips. But those pleas have fallen on deaf ears. It's time to start thinking differently about how to encourage Americans to make smarter food... More »

Modern Healthcare | May 25, 2013

World No-Tobacco Day: Tobacco Use Is on the Rise

It is known to all that tobacco does harm to our health. However, there are still 1.3 billion smokers around the world. Economists predicts that the tobacco use will continue to rise. Smoking cessation can reduce premature deaths by 20-25%. The government, the industries and the whole society  should all play a role in smoking... More »

Huffington Post | May 30, 2013

Your Kids Could Be Drinking Themselves Sick

NYC Health Dept unveils provocative new ad campaign targeting sugary drinks: 'Your kids could be drinking themselves sick' By Elaine WATSON, 26-Nov-2013 New York City’s Health Department has unveiled a new anti-obesity campaign highlighting the potential health risks of excessive sugary drink consumption.

Food Navigator USA | November 26, 2013

Prevention: Carrots and sticks approach wins mixed reviews

Results on carrot or stick approaches to workplace health promotion and chronic disease prevention have been mixed; finding the right balance is crucial. On a macro level however, returns on prevention can be great. Some key factors for future impact range from technology, reformulation of existing products and new healthier products from the food and... More »

Financial Times | November 14, 2013


Leveraging the power of ‘benevolent bribes’

A global leader is proving to be homegrown: Vitality, Discovery’s wellness, loyalty and rewards programme. The company says it is at "the forefront of innovative global healthcare, thanks to groundbreaking techniques incorporating evidence-based interventions drawn from medicine, actuarial science, dietetics, sports science, psychology, behavioural economics and epidemiology".

Business Day | November 21, 2013

Ready for regulation – An interview with Derek Yach

Derek shares his thoughts on pros and cons of e-cigarettes. Click here for full interview. | October 31, 2013


VITAL SIGNS: Forging new paths to the power of prevention in health

SOUTH African global public health specialist Dr Derek Yach is now director of The Vitality Institute in New York, and senior vice-president of The Vitality Group, Discovery’s US arm. He tells Marika Sboros about his love of extreme swimming, and the new paths he is taking to break down barriers to the power of prevention... More »

Business Day | December 17, 2013